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Working at Home? Sprawl Out In Comfort!

Written by: Kiley Morrow

Working from home is more normal than ever now that the COVID-19 virus has made its mark on the world, and is still continuing to change everyday life. If working from home is new and foreign territory for you, finding the perfect spot to do your work can be rather tricky. Use the following tips on how to be comfortable yet productive while working from home.

Doing Work in Your Living Room

If you find yourself going to the living room for work, now is the time to consider looking at new sofas, especially if the current one is older than you would typically prefer. You will most likely be spending a lot of time on your couch, so look into new types of sofas to maximize your comfort levels. A modular sofa is great for your living room because you can rearrange it to your liking. If you want to kick your feet up, you can arrange it, so you have a leg rest. If you need some extra space to your sides, you can make the couch give you the space you need.

While doing work in your living room, there are still things to stay away from. For starters, the television should not be any more of a distraction than if you were in the office. A little background noise will not hurt anyone, but there is a difference between background noise and binging Netflix all day.

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Doing Work in Your Bedroom

If you decide to do your work in your bedroom, the best, most comfortable place to do your work is a comfortable chair that is spacious enough for you whatever materials you need but still allows you to experience a comfy way to lounge. Place yourself near a window to allow some light in to wake you up, and work away.

Whatever you do, though, do not work in your bed. Just like there is a home life and work-life separation, there is a bed and work separation. Working in your bed will train your brain that sitting in your bed means productive time, ruining any chances of falling asleep that night. 

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Doing Work at Your Dining Table

If you are working from your dining room or a kitchen table, it may seem like it will be impossible to be comfortable, but try looking into getting padded chairs and pillows to support your back.

Working in a place where you typically eat may make snacking more tempting than a typical office day, so be sure you are not overeating because you are two steps away from the fridge or pantry. You can always snack here and there, and you should be sure to still eat a healthy lunch, but try not to eat when you are not hungry to avoid feeling like you ate a cow by 11 AM.

Doing Work in an Office Room

Now is the time when everyone who invested in an office room is thriving, and for a good reason. Make sure your chair is comfortable, crack open a window, and work away. Try to make your office strictly your office, and avoid eating or falling asleep in it to ensure your levels of productivity are at their highest. 

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Working from Home Tips

First, you should set up real work hours, if you do not already have a time given to you by your employer. While, yes, you can enjoy your freedom, you should establish a time boundary for you to avoid not working enough or working for too long. Figure out what time you are most productive at, and work around that time. You should also establish a to-do list that you set up weekly or daily, depending on what you know needs to get done. This can help you be much more productive with your day, and you get a sense of pride when you cross off the task on your list.

Another important tip is to not work in your pajamas. It may be very tempting to stay in PJs all day; however, by doing this, you are secretly killing your productivity. Getting up and getting ready for your day tell your brain it is time to be awake and aware, and you will be prepared for any video chats that may come your way, no matter what time it is.  You should also create a morning routine to also signal to your brain that you have to work today.

Also, be sure to exercise and stretch frequently. Sitting all day can take a severe toll on your body, so get up and move around a little every hour and set aside time for a little at-home exercise. Family walks are also a massive hit in the time of COVID-19, whether you are your own family, or if you bring five other people with you. Lastly, be sure you are giving yourself breaks to sit and relax. While you should be staying productive while at home, make sure you aren’t overworking yourself, and you will have a successful work from home experience.

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