How COVID-19 Has Effected Home Design Trends

Written by: Keith Thornton

With 2020 coming to a close, it’s no surprise that the way people live and work has been dramatically changed due to the pandemic. Some of the changes that we have had to make as a society may never end, such as working from home. 

We have written past blogs about how backyard offices have made it much easier to work from home, but this blog is going to focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people are designing new homes.

Home Office

Since March, a lot of employers have ramped up their remote work programs. In bigger cities, you are starting to see employees relocate to more rural areas since the cost of living is much cheaper and the work travel requirements have lessened. If you are one of those people who are now primarily working from inside your own home, you are going to need an office to work out of. 

One of the most recommended modifications we are seeing requested is dual home office spaces. This is the perfect situation for spouses that each work from home, or a parent with children that are going to school via remote learning. If you have a spare bedroom, converting it to an office is simple. When choosing a house plan with us, simply request a home office in the modification request and we will change any plan to work for you.

Home Office Setup


Home Gym

With everything going on, it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym. Adding a home gym or exercise room to your home is the perfect solution. The simplest way to get a home gym added to any house plan is to get a finished basement designed that has one included. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and to relieve stress during these trying times. Add windows or exterior doors to your home gym if you can to let in natural light. If you have room, adding a home sauna or hot tub can make your home an oasis.


Home Theater/Media Room

There is something special about seeing a movie on the big screen in comfortable reclining seats. During the pandemic, the future of movie theaters is something everyone is keeping an eye on. With streaming services starting to offer new movies instead of movie theaters, the way we consume new movies may be forever changed. Even if you can stream movies on your living room TV, you’re still missing out on the experience. 

That’s where a home theater/media room comes in to play. Home theater rooms are typically dark rooms with either a projector or a large screen. Some of our home theater rooms even have a tiered floor to get the ultimate theater experience. We offer several house plans with media rooms already included.


Dedicated Kids Play Areas

Having a dedicated area for your children to play can be very valuable when the family is stuck at home. Separating the play area from their bedrooms will help keep things more organized as well as help keep the kids entertained. Finishing off the room under your stairs can be a great way to make use of previously dead space in your house. A great way to make the room captivating for kids is to have a Narnia closet to a hidden playroom.


Home Bar/Hobby Area

Going out to the bar with friends is a great way to unwind after a long day. Sadly, this year that has become more difficult as the pandemic worsens. Luckily there is another way. 

Create a space that allows you to properly unwind at home with a bar or hobby area. Finished basements make a great space to create areas like this. Plus, you’ll be the favorite friend when the pandemic ends. If you have an oversized garage, there could be plenty of room to create a great retreat in that space.


Larger Kitchen

If you are the kind of person that more than occasionally grabs carry out from a restaurant to make dinner easier, you may find yourself needing a larger kitchen space. A small kitchen can make it challenging to cook every meal at home. A walk-in pantry and large kitchen island can make a huge difference. Some other items to look for when designing a larger kitchen include double islands, wine rooms off the kitchen, warming drawers, double ovens, prep sinks, and custom-designed cabinets with personal storage.

We hope you enjoyed this list of future design trends. Let us know if there is anything you think we missed.

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