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11 Designer Halloween Decor Ideas That Are Equally Sophisticated & Spooky

Written by: Kelsey Clark

Decorating for Halloween likely brings to mind a very prescribed design style. We’re talking illuminated jack-o-lanterns, creepy cobwebs, orange bowls of candy, skeleton figurines, faux bats, and sheet ghosts swarming the front yard. 

But as designers, we can’t help but challenge that traditional aesthetic and offer elevated indoor halloween decoration ideas that will stand the test of time. Don’t get us wrong — we love a full-on Halloween party complete with black and orange everything and creepy fake hands emerging from every candy bowl. But we also believe that Halloween decor can feel unique and unexpected, too. 

Ahead, find our designer-approved indoor Halloween decoration ideas fit for your 2021 gathering, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or an all-out costume extravaganza.

1. Butterflies Are The New Bats

Move over bats, we’re calling it now: black butterflies will be a hallmark of elevated Halloween decor. Pick up a set of 3D butterflies and create a graceful swarm (two words we never thought we’d use together) along a prominent wall, with a few creeping on the ceiling or billowing out of the fireplace. The finished product is just creepy enough.

2. It’s All About Black Feathers

In our humble opinion, a Halloween tablescape should feel as if Dracula and Marie Antoinette threw a dinner party: dark, decadent, and bewitching. Black tapered candles make an excellent Hallows Eve accent, whether scattered down a dining table, clustered on a fireplace mantle, or glowing in hidden nooks and crannies throughout your home. And instead of (or in addition to) draping fake cobwebs everywhere, consider weaving black feathers and garland into your decor. This works for tablescapes, bookshelves, consoles, and more. Pro tip: Accent with yellow florals in lieu of the traditional orange hues for a surprising twist.

3. Recreate an Eerie Forest

Enter a classic holiday decor idea, but with a spooky twist. Loosely inspired by your standard Christmas tree, create an eerie, forested vibe with black pre-lit trees and bare branches. It’s a little gothic, a little whimsical, and perfect for your upcoming Halloween party.

4. Swap Summer Greenery for Dried Florals

Let the season inspire you with dried foliage and florals sourced from the local greenhouse (or even your own backyard). Otherworldly botanicals like dried thistle, amaranthus, and scabiosa pods add a distinct yet authentic twist to any tablescape or Halloween centerpiece. Source vintage apothecary jars to replace vases and weave in even more subtle spook.

5. Suspend Twinkling Faux Candles

Channel your inner Hogwarts and hang faux candles directly from your ceiling above your dining table, entryway, or fireplace. You can DIY this look in an afternoon with thin fishing line, a hot glue gun, and the fake taper candles of your choice (we recommend a moody plum, black, or burgundy), or you can purchase and hang a pre-made set

6. Add Scorched Branches to Centerpieces & Arrangements

For an incredibly affordable and easy indoor halloween decorating idea, don’t overlook bare branches. Dried or blackened stems add a refined hint of macabre to your space that’s perfect for Halloween night (and beyond). It’s a Halloween twist on the elongated branch look that’s trending everywhere. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile — use small branches as moody place setting flourishes, or go all-in with a large, eye-catching vase arrangement. Again, bonus points if you forage from your own backyard.

7. Brooding Mixology

If you’re hosting a Halloween party or fall harvest soirée, mix up a brooding seasonal cocktail like spiced fruit-flecked red sangria, maple cider old fashioneds, or spiked hot toddies. To really lean into the Halloween spirit, consider a smoking cocktail with dry ice. If you’re setting up a bar cart-style drink display, decorate with decanters filled with dried florals, dark berries, and other poisonous-looking objects for your festive drought.

8. The Abandoned Home Aesthetic

File this spooky-chic decor idea under “low-lift, high-impact.” To give your chandelier a haunted touch, drape tattered gauze across the frame. The more haphazard and free-flowing, the better. The look is complete in minutes and will give your dining room, entryway, or living space a dusty, abandoned vibe (just add dozens of burning candles and patinaed mirrors). 

9. Hang Ominous Artwork

One of the easiest ways to transform your Halloween decor for spooky season? Simply swap in some ominous artwork. Think dark portraitures and blurred, black-and-white photographs for that “the walls are watching you” vibe. When paired with velvet drapes and luxe materials like faux fur, marble, brass, and sheepskin, the effect is dramatic and just haunted enough.

10. Pumpkins, Remixed

For some, it’s not fall (or Halloween) without a classic orange carving pumpkin. But we love the idea of adding an edgy and inspired version to your porch decor by painting them jet-black. Layer in a few gold, white, or even buffalo check pumpkins à la Joanna Gaines. It’s a modern take on a timeless tradition.

11. Add Spooky Garland

This is another holiday decor idea reinterpreted specifically for Halloween. It may be too early for evergreen, but moody, enchanted garland like black oak leavesplum cimicifuga, and trailing charcoal branches feels perfectly appropriate. Pick your poison and drape it down your staircase, across your fireplace mantel, or around an elegant doorway for a sophisticated yet spooky touch.

Our designers are always here for you with a blend of new trends and time-tested traditions to embrace your holidays in chic style, alongside expert tips for decorating every season. Meet your designer BFF, starting with our style quiz.


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